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Towards a better understanding of the Capitalization of Banks

Topics in corporate finance Deel 23:

In the ongoing focus of the Amsterdam Center for Corporate Finance (ACCF) on the future structure of the financial sector, this issue of its series Topics in Corporate Finance is devoted to the subject of capitalization of banks with as leading author Professor Anat Admati, the George G.C. Parker Professor of Finance and Economics at Stanford University who has been at the forefront of the bank capitalization discussion.

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On October 7th, Dr Ananth Madhavan (BlackRock/iShares) gave a largely attended lecture on Exchange-Traded Funds. The world in asset managing is changing. Recent years have seen a variety of financial market developments and innovations, reflecting a broader shift toward passive, index investing. These include the rapid growth of exchange-traded funds (ETF’s), which offer a diversity of exposures across asset classes and geographies. 

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